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Updating and writing new XD case studies (patience plz). I kind of miss the behance/dribbble days of “glamour shots by Deb.” I have not updated anything in over 3 years.😬 
💼UPDATE: Way behind on updating.🥸

Currently reading “Understanding Human Nature” by Alfred Adler. 📚

Through HomesteadFolks, working hard to be a community advocate to gather people together for awesome kickass gatherings, meals, and social events. This marks the eighth year.
🍽️ UPDATE: Working to learn how to shift this during COVID season. People still need people.
🍽️ UPDATE UPDATE: We were able to work around COVID times and through those tough times seem to have grown closer in many ways. Really looking forward to helping create and foster community around us!

Loved diving in as an early adopter of Figma (2020). 
🎓UPDATE: Love Figma!!! 😍 I was able to introduce it where I work and now it has become a staple for the entire product process and our devs love it too! Using FigJam with clients is seemless and always improving. Nothing but love for the Figs. But Prototyping 🤩

Beginning to focus some energy and attention to AR/VR XD. Another article referenced here.

Obsessively fished for smallmouth bass this past winter (2022) season was amazing! 🎣 Working at getting my family’s fishing gear all ready for Spring 2023, a new season of learning and fishing together. 🎣

Secretly working on a couple app ideas. 🤫🤫

Helping my wife, Stephanie, to get more proof reading and copy editing freelance gigs. p.s. She’s a genius. 🤓✍️

Planning a trip to Scotland with my beautiful wife later this year. All the Islay Scotch, plz.
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿UPDATE: We had to post-pone this too, hopefully, 2021. 2022. 2023.🤞

Continuing our ninth year of consistently having Taco Tuesdys, 🌮 with new and old friends. 🌮

Currently interviewing for full-time opportunites and contracting gigs. UPDATE: Hired as an Product Design Lead at a beautiful digital shop back in May 2020. 🎉


[last updated 2023]


16+ years of design leadership through product design, UX, product strategy, marketing, and advertising.
12+ years of UX/UI design, web, applications, and mobile design.
16+ years of visual identity design.
Passion for mentoring designers!
Former Creative Director brat turned Product Design Nerd.
Former creative arts pastor with a degree in Theology.
Lover of Oat Milk Cappuccinos & Islay Scotch.
Must work by natural light!


Reach out if you'd like to say, "hi!" or have any design inquiries.


Improving the user experience of a medical groups online appointment booking system.

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